Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that Masayasu Ito, representative director and deputy president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, will resign on the 1st of October 2022. Ito-san’s resignation is due to his reaching of retirement age, he will also leave Sony Group.

Ito-san spent 36 years at Sony during which he worked on the LCD screens for the PlayStation One, the peripherals for the PlayStation 2, designing the PlayStation Portable, designing the PlayStation 3 hardware and creating both the system software and hardware for the PlayStation 4. Ito-san was also involved in the design of the PlayStation 5 hardware and software as well as the PlayStation VR2 hardware.

Lin Tao, director and SVP of finance, corporate development and strategy at Sony Interactive Entertainment, will replace Ito-san. Kiichiro Urata, head of Japan Asia partner development and relations for Sony Interactive Entertainment, will also be promoted to director once Ito-san retires.

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