Sony BitSummit 7 Spirits Lineup Announced

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan has announced their lineup of games for the upcoming BitSummit 7 Spirits, the event will take place on the 1st of June 2019 at the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall. There will be 14 PS4 games and 4 PSVR games on display. Additionally Keita Takahashi, director of the Katamari series and lead on the upcoming Wattam game, as well as Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, will be on a panel together during the event.

Here’s the lineup of PlayStation 4 games:

  1. ANNO: Mutation (ThinkingStars)
  2. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (505 Games / ArtPlay)
  3. Chrono Sword (21c Ducks)
  4. Evotinction (Spikewave Games)
  5. F.I.S.T. (TiGames)
  6. Hardcore Mecha (Arc System Works / RocketPunch Games)
  7. Indivisible (505 Games / LabZero Games)
  8. In Nightmare (Magicfish Studio)
  9. Knights & Bikes (Double Fine Presents / Foam Sword)
  10. Lethal League Blaze (Ooizumi Amuzio)
  11. No Straight Roads (Metronomik)
  12. Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (Marvelous / Edelweiss)
  13. Wattam (Annapurna Interactive / Funomena)
  14. West of Dead (Raw Fury / ???)

Here’s the lineup of PlayStation VR games:

  1. Budget Cuts (Neat Corp)
  2. Falcon Age (Outerloop Games)
  3. Focus on You (Smilegate Entertainment)
  4. Throw Anything (Visual Light)

Sony Investor Relations Highlights

Sony Corp held they Investor Relations Day 2019 earlier today and revealed new information about the future of PlayStation and how the brand is performing. Here’s the rundown:

  • PlayStation Network has over 96 million monthly active users
  • 90% of all PS4’s have connected in the last 12 months (it wasn’t specified as to what this meant)
  • PS4 users averaged 21 hours a week of usage in the 2018 Financial Year
  • Average lifetime device spend is over $700
  • Average launch year lifetime device spend is over $1600
  • Sony still believes in console generations
  • Backwards compatibility is part of next generation plans
  • SIE want to improve relationships with third party developers and publishers
  • Next Gen hardware will support 8K, 3D Audio, SSD, Ray Tracing and faster load times
  • PS4 will continue to play a vital role over the next three years, AAA exclusives will still release on the PS4 and there’s still unannounced exclusives for the platform
  • Streaming will be a vital part of the next generation plans
  • PS Now has over 700,000 subscribers and over 170 publishers support the service. Sony want to expand it to other devices
  • Both physical and digital sales are a key part for next gen
  • Remote Play has over 5.6 million active users
  • SIE are investing in their 13 current worldwide studios
  • Plans to expand via acquisitions and expansion of current studios
  • SIE want to develop games with post launch revenue streams

Details on their next generation hardware release date, pricing, country rollout plans and games will all be revealed at a later date. Sony also showcased the load time difference between the PlayStation 4 Pro and next gen hardware, the video was previously show by Mark Cerny in an interview with Wired. The PS4 Pro takes 8.10 seconds to load into Spider-Man whilst the next generation hardware does it in 0.83 seconds.

Sony & Microsoft Are Partnering On Cloud Gaming & Streaming Platforms

Sony and Microsoft have announced a partnership on cloud based solutions for gaming experiences and AI solutions. The partnership will bring “new innovations to enhance customer experiences in their direct-to-consumer entertainment platforms and AI solutions.” The partnership will see the two companies begin a joint development of cloud based systems on Microsoft Azure and will explore the use of the current Microsoft Azure platform for Sony’s current streaming services.

The partnership is not limited to gaming as Microsoft also plans to make use of Sony’s image sensors in Azure AI tech across cloud and edge. Microsoft also plan on working with Sony on semiconductors to enhance their AI. Both parties will also investigate the possibility of bringing Microsoft’s AI to Sony’s consumer products. This partnership doesn’t necessarily mean anything for PlayStation or Xbox, at least not at this time.

Here’s what Kenichiro Yoshida, president and CEO of Sony, had to say on the partnership:

“Sony is a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology. We collaborate closely with a multitude of content creators that capture the imagination of people around the world, and through our cutting-edge technology, we provide the tools to bring their dreams and vision to reality, PlayStation itself came about through the integration of creativity and technology. Our mission is to seamlessly evolve this platform as one that continues to deliver the best and most immersive entertainment experiences, together with a cloud environment that ensures the best possible experience, anytime, anywhere. For many years, Microsoft has been a key business partner for us, though of course the two companies have also been competing in some areas. I believe that our joint development of future cloud solutions will contribute greatly to the advancement of interactive content. Additionally, I hope that in the areas of semiconductors and AI, leveraging each company’s cutting-edge technology in a mutually complementary way will lead to the creation of new value for society.”

Here’s what Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, had to say:

“Sony has always been a leader in both entertainment and technology, and the collaboration we announced today builds on this history of innovation. Our partnership brings the power of Azure and Azure AI to Sony to deliver new gaming and entertainment experiences for customers.”