Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it will be opening the PlayStation India Hero Project to help incubate independent games developed in India. The project is a spin-off of the China Hero Project which has spotlighted games like Lost Soul Aside, ANNO: Mutationem and more. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Hero Projects generally provide financial and development support and help bring games to the PlayStation platform. In some cases, Sony Interactive Entertainment publishes the game as is the case for Lost Soul Aside.

PlayStation India Hero Project is currently taking applications.

Here’s what Radhika Thakur, market strategy director for SIE India, had to say:

As part of our evolving journey to ensure that PlayStation remains the best place to play, we’re committed to developing regional incubator programs capable of identifying new and diverse developers worldwide. The India Hero Project is fueled by this commitment and our belief in the Indian gaming market. Through mentorship, training, and project-based investment, PlayStation strives to lower the barrier of entry and showcase the most incredible talents emerging from India. We’re pleased to announce this new initiative and our call for submissions.

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