A new report from MP1ST has claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on a remaster project for Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, originally released in 2017 for the PlayStation 5. It’s currently unclear as to just how big the project is but the report claims that it will feature an improved lighting system, textures, animations and character models to match those in Horizon Forbidden West.

This would likely mean that the game will be in the same vein as The Last of Us Part I where the visuals and quality of life features are updated but not the gameplay. It’s also quite likely that these projects are being done to coincide with the TV series adaptations, if true we can expect something similar for God of War (2018) and Days Gone. A Twisted Metal game is also rumored to be in development at Firesprite as part of PlayStation’s push for the TV Series.

The report has also claimed that a new live-service multiplayer game set in the Horizon universe is in development for the PlayStation 5 and PC. The game will reportedly feature a co-op mode and will involve the various tribes from Horizon Forbidden West, no other details were revealed. Guerilla Games job listings for a multiplayer project were made public in October 2021, Guerilla Games previously confirmed that it did plan a co-op mode for Horizon Zero Dawn but ultimately scrapped it as it would have required them to cut other content. 

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