New job listings from Jetpack Interactive have revealed that the studio is working on a live-service game based on a “flagship” PlayStation IP. Jetpack Interactive previously worked with Sony Interactive Entertainment on the PC port of Santa Monica Studio’s God of War. It’s unclear as to whether the game is being developed in-house at Jetpack Interactive or whether it is supporting a first-party studio.

It would seem unlikely that the studio is developing the game in-house as it has only ever assisted or ported games. Given that the project Jetpack Interactive are working on is described as a “prized IP” it could point to the studio assisting Naughty Dog with its The Last of Us multiplayer project. Both Naughty Dog and Sony have high expectations for the multiplayer project and if it were to have staying power it would require a great deal of upkeep.

Requirements for the jobs point towards the game being built on Unreal Engine as experience working on Unreal Engine 4 or 5 is preferred. Potential candidates are also required to have experience working on both console and PC games, given that Jetpack Interactive has a history of porting games to PC and that Sony is looking to increase its output on PC it would seem like the game is targeting a simultaneous launch for consoles and PC. No other details about the project were revealed.

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