A former developer at SHIFT-UP has claimed that she was forced out of the studio due to her being a feminist and has taken to Twitter to ask for people to boycott Stellar Blade. The developer claims that she was harassed and that there was another female employee that was dismissed due to her being a feminist.

Looking into the matter, which is sadly not something many on Twitter do, reveals that the shirt she wore is linked to the Megalia group. Megalia, or Daughters of Megalia, is a radical feminist group that has gotten a lot of flak due to its misandric viewpoints. The group believes women to be superior to men and actively plots crimes against men.

Megalia, which claims to be fighting for equality, often uses derogatory terms for men and has even called for those who criticise the group to be “beaten for every breath” they take. Various Megalia websites also post and promote pictures of men that have had their genitalia cut off. One of the most popular posts from Megalia requests women to get an abortion if their child is a boy.

The group has justified these actions by saying that it is a countermeasure to misogyny and any criticism of their actions from the general public has been met with threats. Megalia has also begun targeting homosexuals by outing their sexual orientation. A new site called WOMAD has been opened specifically for this purpose.

These actions have led to boycotts from the Korean public when censorship is brought into question and as such companies avoid unnecessary censorship and any association with the Megalia group. Nexon previous fired an actress for associating with Megalia due to protests from fans, the move was widely supported by the majority of Korea but received widespread criticism from Western media.

The Korean media industry is not without faults, women are often sexualised and are held to high beauty standards in the industry. The solution to these issues however doesn’t come from supporting groups like Megalia which only seeks to create division. Western media should also refrian from passing judgement so easily especially considering the way men are now portrayed.

Developer SHIFT-UP and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment have yet to comment on the claims.

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