A listing for a “PlayStation PC launcher” has been discovered in the game files for the PC release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, all but confirming that a PlayStation Launcher for PC is in the works. This comes after files for PlayStation Network PC integration were discovered.

Earlier this month Sony Interactive Entertainment updated the PlayStation PC page on the official PlayStation website to state that it is currently not possible to earn trophies on PC, transfer progress between console and PC and that a PlayStation account is not required for games.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has long been rumored to be working on a PlayStation launcher, several job listings from the company have mentioned the PlayStation Network beyond consoles. Sony is also hiring a UX Design Manager for PlayStation’s “off-console experience”.

Should Sony Interactive Entertainment release a PC launcher it won’t change its plans with regard to Steam and EGS releases as Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony Group, specifically mentioned both storefronts in its multiplatform plans. The updated PlayStation PC FAQ section also states that games will be available on a wide range of retailers.

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