Firesprite, the latest developer to join the PlayStation Studios team, has announced the acquisition of Fabrik Games. Fabrik Games was founded by Graeme Ankers, who is now the managing director of Firesprite, to assist with supporting and publishing indie games in England. Fabrik Games assisted Firesprite with The Persistence and will now join Firesprite’s internal team, bringing the total staff count to 265. No specifics of the acquisition were revealed. Firesprite are currently working on Star Citizen, a PlayStation VR game and on an announced AAA “dark narrative blockbuster adventure” game.

Here’s what Graeme Ankers, managing director of Firesprite, had to say:

I’m delighted to announce that we will be bringing Fabrik Games and Firesprite together as part of our exciting next step with PlayStation Studios. They are a team of passionate and committed developers, led by industry veterans who have worked on many AAA franchises. We’re looking forward to bolstering our creative talent as we continue on our journey to offer truly unique experiences for PlayStation fans.

Here’s what Errol Ismail, head of Fabrik Games, had to say:

We have a history working and collaborating closely with Firesprite. There’s a huge amount of creative and cultural alignment already and the entire team is excited to be on board. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’re capable of.

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