Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced Marathon, the next game from Bungie. The game will be published by Bungie and will be available on the PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series. Marathon is an extraction shooter set in the same universe as the Marathon trilogy, it will only feature PVP content and will not feature a traditional singleplayer campaign.

Christopher Barrett, director of the game, claims that the traditional campaign will be replaced by “player-driven stories” that are a part of the “overarching game narrative”. The lore will be shared through an evolving world and the player’s journey will be shaped by each run they take.

Bungie has also confirmed that the game will have dedicated servers and full cross-play and cross-progression. No release window for the game was revealed.

Details via Bungie:

a massive ghost ship hangs in low orbit over a lost colony on tau ceti iv. the 30,000 souls who call this place home have disappeared without a trace. strange signals hint at mysterious artifacts, long-dormant ai, and troves of untold riches. you are a runner, venturing into the unknown in a fight for fame… and infamy. who among you will write their names across the stars?


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