Cygames has announced that Granblue Fantasy: Relink will release in the Winter of 2023 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. A new trailer for the game was also released during the PlayStation Showcase. No new details about the game were shared.

Details via Cygames:

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an action RPG that features two games modes:

– Main Story – Discover what is happening to the Zegagrande Skydom in this exciting, narrative-driven single-player adventure.
A new chapter of Granblue Fantasy unfolds in the skies of Zegagrande. Customize and developer characters, collect treasure, and so much more! Wtih easy, normal, and hard difficulties to choose from, Granblue Fantasy: Relink accomodates players of all playstyles.
– Quests – Progress through the main story to unlock new content, which supports up to four-playr online co-op.

Utilize the items and experience you’ve obtained over the course of your journey to tackle an array of challenging battles. Visit a town’s online lobby to chat and interact with other skyfarers! Quests can be done solo with the aid of CPU-controlled allies.

Playable Characters

Each of these characters is your to command!

– Main Character (Gran / Djeeta)
– Katalina
– Rackam
– Io
– Eugen
– Rosetta
– Lancelot
– Vane
– Percival
– Siegfried

But that’s not all…

– Charlotta
– Yodarha


To the Promised Land, the Girl in Blue Appears

There exists a world where islands of all shapes and sizes float in a sea of clouds. It is a world forsaken by the gods.

Once upon a time, people known as the Astrals attempted to seize control of this world with their overwhelming might, but the citizens of the skies repelled the invaders, thus ushering in a new era of peace.

Living on a little-known island in a remote part of the skies, you find a letter left behind by your father telling you to set off for a legendary island.

However, before you leave, you meet a mysterious girl named Lyria, inevitably setting the wheels of fate in motion.

Welcome to the Zegagrande Skydom

The legendary Island of the Astrals, Estalucia, is still out there, waiting to greet you intrepid travelers. But until then, the journey continues in the skies to the west, where a new story will unfold.

Born to the Wind, Citizens among the Clouds

The Sky Realm is home to numerous islands and their people. Four races have come together to shape civilization.

Humans may not seem like anything special, but they play the largest role in society.

Erunes are easily distinguishable by their large ears and attractive looks. Many of them are blessed with a talent for magic.

Harvins are on the smaller side, but their wisdom and business acumen are nothing to sneeze at.

Draphs have large horns and powerful physiques. Proud of their strength, quite a few go into occupations that require physical labor, such as smithing or construction.

Primal Beasts, Living Weapons Made by the Astrals

Created by the Astrals, these great beasts were gifted with god-like powers.

In the aftermath of the War—which ended roughly 500 years ago—the remaining beasts fell into a slumber throughout the skies, where their presence deeply influenced the development of local customs.

Primal beasts only obey the Astrals, thus the rampage of an awakened primal is akin to a grand-scale calamity. However, some people possess a devout belief that these divine beings are a part of nature and thus shouldn’t be pacified.


Cutting-Edge Visuals, Gorgeous Environments

Walk through the beautiful 2D artwork of Cygames and CyDesignation, now realized in full 3D.

From lovingly crafted landscapes to detailed objects, enter a realm where experiencing a world bursting with character takes precedence over photorealism.
You will feel the wind from the deck of an airship, visit quaint towns for the first time, and do battle across sprawling hillsides.

There’s plenty to discover on this journey.

The Hallmark Artwork of Granblue

Our beloved characters have been meticulously translated into 3D, complete with painterly lighting and shading techniques.

Character models, and their equipped weapons, have been carefully crafted to be appreciated from any angle.
Facial expressions have been given an equal amount of care, ensuring that the whole cast comes alive during the adventure.


Main Character (Gran / Djeeta) (playable)

Take command of your crew and embark on an exciting new journey.


A young girl, shrouded in mystery, who holds the power to control primal beasts. The Erste Empire coveted this ability and secretly held her captive until the guard assigned to protect her, Katalina, engineered her escape. The empire pursued them to the forests of Zinkenstill, which is where you encountered the pair. You tried to protect Lyria and became fatally wounded. Sensing a life slipping away, Lyria linked her life force to yours, binding two fates forevermore.


Little Red Dragon.

Your bestest pal, this little fellow has stuck with you through thick and thin, and he’s not about to let a little thing like a death-defying journey stop him now. Some might even call it fate.

Katalina (playable)

Skybound Protector.

Katalina once swore an oath of knighthood to the Erste Empire, but those days are long behind her. Her knightly duty continues, though now in the service of protecting Lyria.

Rackam (playable)

Skybound Navigator.

Helmsman of the airship Grandcypher, he can be as untamed as the open skies.

Io (playable)

Skybound Dreamer.

Don’t let her small size fool you. This young mage is eager to showcase her impressive talent. She vows to bring smiles to the world.

Eugen (playable)

Skybound Soldier.

A veteran skyfarer whose combat prowess is rivaled only by his regret.

Rosetta (playable)

Skybound Watcher.

A bystander whose roots are firmly planted in both the past and present.


A proper gentlemen who calls the westerly skies home. The first time you meet him is purely by happenstance, but he decides to travel with you for the moment.

Lancelot (playable)

Twinfang Prodigy.

Captain of the knightly Order of the White Dragons. Despite his youth, he is more than capable of leading the forces of an entire kingdom.

Vane (playable)

Knight of Fellowship.

A knight of valor, he pours his heart and soul into protecting his homeland, his friends, and his comrades-in-arms.

Percival (playable)

Lord of Flames.

Possessing the makings of a king, this young man strives to create a kingdom free of war with other like-minded individuals.

Siegfried (playable)


Once reviled as a traitor, that didn’t stop this loyal knight from heroically saving his kingdom from crisis.

Charlotta (playable)

Holy Knight of Valor and Eminence.

The captain of an order of holy knights, all of whom have sworn a sacred pledge. Her sword, a weapon that cleaves evil in twain, is equal to her in both size and power.

Yodarha (playable)

Illusory Fencer.

This man was once a world-renowned swordsman, but these days he spends much of his time fishing in seclusion.


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