A new report from industry insider Nate the Hate has claimed that Atlus will be unveiling the Persona 3 remake at the Xbox event in June 2023. The remake will not be exclusive or timed exclusive to Xbox but it will likely have some sort of marketing deal. Recent Xbox Persona marketing deals have however prevented PlayStation 5 versions of games so this may be a PlayStation 4-only title on the PlayStation ecosystem.

The Persona 3 remake was also leaked from an internal video that was presented during a Sega investor meeting. In this video a Jet Set Radio game was also shown to be in development, the Jet Set Radio game is also rumored to be revealed at the Xbox event in June 2023. Bloomberg and several other insiders have confirmed to have heard that a Persona 3 remake has been in development for quite some time.

Nate the Hate has claimed that Atlus is targeting a 2024 release for Persona 6 and that the game might have some sort of time exclusivity deal on the PlayStation 5. Atlus are also only planning to release the game on current-gen systems, hinting that this may bring about a significant visual upgrade from Persona 5. Nate the Hate has however said that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the game won’t come to Xbox.

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