Hiroki Totoki, president of Sony Group, has confirmed that the company will be spending around 20% more on acquisitions during the 2023 financial year compared to the 2022 financial year. Sony’s biggest acquisitions during the 2022 financial year were Bungie, Firewalk Studios and the 14.09% stake in Kadokawa’s FromSoftware.

Whilst the total amount spent on acquisitions has not been disclosed it likely cost Sony over $4 billion. This would mean that Sony Group will spend somewhere around the $4.8 billion figure on acquisitions during the 2023 financial year. It’s also worth noting that this amount is for the entirety of Sony Group not just Sony Interactive Entertainment which should rule out any major PlayStation acquisitions.

Earlier this year Totoki-san confirmed that Sony had around $5 billion of its $18 billion “strategic investments” fund left to use until 2024. Since opening the fund in 2021 Sony has acquired Bungie, Crunchyroll, Bluepoint Games, Housemarque, Evolution Championship Series, Nixxes Software, Haven and several other video game studios. It has also made investments in Epic Games, Kadokawa, Discord, Devolver Digital, FromSoftware and several semiconductor manufacturers.

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