Shogakukan has announced that Yuu Saitou’s Giji Harem (Pseudo Harem) manga will be getting an anime adaptation. More details about the anime will be shared at a later date but the two main cast members were confirmed.

Saitou-san launched the manga in 2018 on Twitter and it was picked up by Shogakukan in 2019, the series has finished serialization producing 6 volumes worth of content.


  • Nobuhiko Okamoto (Rin – Ao no Exorcist) as Eiji Kitahama
  • Saori Hayami (Yor – Spy x Family) as Rin Nanakura

MAL Synopsis:

Eiji Kitahama, a second year high school student, just wants to be popular. To help him realize this dream, Rin Nanakura, his junior in the drama club, uses her acting skills to create a harem of loving girls for him. Though the various “girls” all show fondness toward Eiji, the affection of the actress behind them is very real. Rin’s colorful acting continuously delights Eiji, but will the starlet herself ever make her way into his heart?

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