Adam “Glaxigrav”, game producer of World of Warcraft, has claimed that Blizzard is losing “amazing talent” because management is failing to listen to game directors at the company. Adam claims that the Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies significantly affect the studio’s capacity to develop great experiences.

DEI attempts to bring about the participation of all people, particularly those that have “historically been underrepresented or subject to discrimination”. Essentially it aims to ensure that people are hired based on the colour of their skin, gender or their sexual identity rather than their ability.

This, according to Adam, has resulted in his team creating “crisis maps” to determine what can and what cannot be shipped in a game. Adam wasn’t alone in sharing this sentiment as Allison Steele, game designer of World of Warcraft, also commented on the problems Blizzard is facing.

Steele claims that a forced return to office (RTO) policy has also resulted in several developers leaving Blizzard over recent months. Steele believes that the policy is “terrible, shortsighted, self-destructive” and that it will only continue to see talented developers leave the studio.

Activision Blizzard have yet to comment on these claims.

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