New reports from Circana (formerly NPD) and GSD have revealed that the PlayStation 5 is continuing to see a surge in sales across the United States and Europe. In the United States, the PlayStation 5 set a new sales record for March for a single PlayStation platform. It did the same in February 2023.

The record for an individual PlayStation platform during the month of March was held by the PlayStation Portable which sold over 620,000 units in 2005. The PS5 also sold over 533,000 units during February 2023. In the US the PS5 is now also tracking ahead of the PlayStation 4 during the same period, this is especially impressive when you take into account the massive shortages the PS5 has had since its launch.

In Europe, it’s a similar story with PS5 sales for March 2023 up 400% year-over-year and up 369% for the first quarter of 2023. Sales of Xbox Series hardware are down 13% for March and 10% for Q1, Switch sales are down 19% for March and 18% for Q1. Switch sales declining shouldn’t come as a surprise given its age but the drop in Xbox hardware is cause for concern. This period is when it should be hitting its stride.

Sony is currently expecting Q1 to be the biggest quarter ever for console sales in its history and given the recent sales figures, it seems like a certainty. 2023 might also be the best-ever year for PlayStation hardware sales as both Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy XVI are due out later this year.

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