Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog, has confirmed that the studio has begun development on its next title for the PlayStation 5. Druckmann did not state anything else but did claim that this was the title the studio was ““most excited about”. Druckmann also revealed that Naughty Dog is aware of the demand for a third game in The Last of Us franchise.

Druckmann also confirmed that Naughty Dog has been restructured to work on multiple projects at the same time with the studio now having a large number of producers, directors and writers. This, according to Druckmann, allows the studio to be more efficient and organised.

The next Naughty Dog however will be the multiplayer project set in The Last of Us universe, something which Druckmann refuses to label as Factions (the name of the multiplayer mode from the first game). Druckmann revealed that he is not working directly on this project and that he’s playing more of a mentor role.

More details about The Last of Us‘ standalone multiplayer project will be shared in 2023 with Druckmann saying that he’s “stoked about it”. ViewerAnon, a credible leaker in the movie and tv sector, previously confirmed that the standalone The Last of Us multiplayer game will be the next Naughty Dog.

ViewerAnon also claimed that Neil Druckmann’s next game will be The Last of Us Part III and that a new Uncharted game is in development at an external studio. Naughty Dog is currently building an external team with Visual Arts Services Group, a support studio in the PlayStation Studios family that worked on The Last of Us and God of War. The new development team will work on an unannounced AAA title under the supervision of Naughty Dog, likely a new Uncharted game.

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