Respawn Entertainment has announced that it has opened a third studio in Madison, Wisconsin for the sole purpose of managing the Apex Legends IP. The studio will lead by Ryan Burnett, formerly of Raven Entertainment and Epic Games, and could end up support Respawn on other projects but its main focus, for now, is Apex.

Repsawn Wisconsin will support the existing Respawn teams on Apex Legends and is dedicated towards the live-service section of the game. The studio will also lead the management of the season pass. Steven Ferreira, director of Apex Legends, has also confirmed that the Wisconsin team will allow for more experimentation.

Respawn Entertainment also believe that the new studio will help the Apex team bring content faster and it will allow for the workload to be spread out more. Content that takes a year or longer to come to the game will now release faster as the testing process will become more streamlined.

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