Tom Henderson, a freelance journalist that’s worked with IGN, VGC, DualShockers and now InsiderGaming, has revealed that Sony is working on two new PlayStation 5 models, the first of which is a detachable disc drive. The new PS5 will have virtually the exact same hardware as the existing range and will likely sport a similar design to the digital edition PS5.

A prototype of the console has reportedly been sent around internally at Sony and the disc drive has been designed to work with existing digital edition consoles. Sony is planning to release the new PS5 sometime during the 2023 fiscal year. A second PS5 variant, dubbed the PS5 Pro, is also in the works.

The PS5 Pro is planned for release late in 2024 and will feature improved hardware as new patents from Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed that it is looking to “accelerate” the console’s ray tracing capabilities. No other details about the PS5 Pro were revealed to Henderson but it was also hinted that the next generation of PlayStation hardware (the PlayStation 6) will not release until at least 2028.

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