Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P), producer of Final Fantasy XVI, has confirmed that the game is built on a new engine that Square Enix created specifically for the game. This means that the game will not feature any of the technology used in Forspoken and previous Final Fantasy titles.

Yoshida-san also addressed the timed exclusivity of Final Fantasy XVI stating that the reason for signing such deals is a two-way street as it benefits both the hardware manufacturer and the publisher. Yoshi-P says that one of the biggest reasons the deal was agreed upon was due to the technical support from PlayStation.

According to Yoshida-san, Sony Interactive Entertainment is assisting with the development of the game, particularly with the optimisation for the PlayStation 5 hardware. This has helped immensely as it was not something the development team could do on its own. Not having to develop the game for multiple platforms has also allowed the developers to polish the game.

Yoshi-P has also revealed that the second reason Square Enix agreed to the deal was because of the marketing that Sony Interactive Entertainment committed to. Yoshida-san said that PlayStation is handling the promotion of the game globally and that it made him wonder just “how much this would be if it were converted to money?”

Final Fantasy XVI is due out on the 22nd of June 2023 for the PlayStation 5, Yoshi-dan san has also confirmed that he does not expect any delay unless an “act of God” prevents the team from doing work.

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