Larian Studios has announced that Baldur’s Gate III will come to the PlayStation 5, PC and MAC on the 31st of August 2023. Larain Studios has also confirmed that an Xbox version of the game is in development following backlash from Xbox users over the lack of an announcement for the platform.

Larain Studios claims that the Xbox Series version of the game has been delayed due to technical issues with split-screen co-op. Several Xbox fans and media claimed that PlayStation had an exclusivity agreement that prevented an Xbox Series version of the game, a claim that Larian Studios has vehemently denied.

Here’s what Larian Studios had to say about the Xbox version:

Hey all,

Thanks for all the hype and enthusiasm following yesterday’s announcement that Baldur’s Gate III is coming to PlayStation 5 day and date with PC on August 31!

Xbox players, we’ve seen your questions about if / when you can expect Baldur’s Gate III on Xbox. We’ve had an Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate III in the works for some time, but we have run into some technical issues—particularly with split-screen co-op. We are still working on an Xbox version of Baldur’s Gate III, but we’re not yet confident enough to announce it. We don’t like announcing anything until we’re ready, because we don’t want to get peoples hopes up until we’re sure we can deliver.

There’s no platform exclusivity preventing us from releasing Baldur’s Gate III on Xbox day and date, should that be a technical possibility. If and when we do announce further platforms, we want to make sure each version lives up to our standards and expectations. Thanks for understanding!


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