A new report from TrueAchievements has claimed that Shinji Mikami, founder of Tango Gameworks, is leaving both the studio and Xbox Game Studios. According to the report, vice president of Bethesda Todd Vaughn sent out a company-wide email confirming that Mikami-san would be leaving in the “coming months”.

Shinji Mikami is best known for creating the Resident Evil IP and worked on it right up to Resident Evil 4, he also worked on Dino Crisis, Onimusha, Devil May Cry, God Hand, Vanquish, The Evil Within and much more. It’s currently unclear as to what Mikami-san will be doing next but he has spoken about retiring from making video games.

Mikami has also been linked with a return to Capcom to work on the Resident Evil franchise with a new team. Tatsuya Minami, former CEO of PlatinumGames, founded a new studio called M Two that contributed towards the Resident Evil 3 remake. Many have linked M Two to Minami-Mikami, both of whom worked on the original Resident Evil game.

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