Tom Henderson, a freelance journalist that’s worked with IGN, VGC and currently works with Insider Gaming, has claimed that NetEase spent €100 million to acquire Quantic Dream. NetEase completed the acquisition in September 2022 but did not reveal any specifics about the deal save for the fact that the studio will continue to operate independently. According to Henderson, David Cage had a 51% stake in the company which means that he made €51 million from the sale of the company.

Quantic Dream developed Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human for Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is currently working on a Detroit manga adaptationStar Wars Eclipse as well as two other unannounced titles. The studio is also reportedly finding it difficult to attract talent in both its main office in Paris and the new office based in Montréal, Canada. Henderson has also claimed that Star Wars Eclipse is still some years away due to this.

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