The Embracer Group has confirmed that it will employ stricter funding policies for greenlighting new games after the disappointing performance of the Saints Row reboot. The Embracer Group revealed that the reboot failed to meet both critical and financial expectations but reassured investors that it is still “making a healthy risk-adjusted profit on games”. The Embracer Group will now “put quality first even further, and make sure we create unique positive player experiences”.

The Embracer Group confirmed in November 2022 that the Saints Row reboot did not meet expectations and claimed that Volition “left the fanbase partially polarized”. The Embracer Group’s financials also reveal that the company spent $160 million on games released between July and September of 2023, given that the Saints Row reboot was the only major release during this period it is likely that the game cost over $100 million to develop and market.

The studio has since been moved under the Gearbox Entertainment Company management where it will be guided to better achieve success. Volition previously responded to criticism of the game by stating that they would “not back down” and that the initial reaction was a “knee-jerk” kind. The studio also went on to call fans of the franchise “haters” for saying anything negative about the reboot which pretty much threw out everything that the franchise stood for. Volition also claims that the game is the most “fun and exfiltrating” experience in the franchise.

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