Tom Henderson, a freelance journalist that’s worked with IGN, VGC, DualShockers and more, has revealed that Sony is working on wireless earbuds for the PlayStation 5. The earbuds will likely be part of the INZONE product range and is planned for release during the end of the 2023 financial year (sometime before March 2024).

The earbuds have been given the codename Project Nomad and will feature a 5-hour battery life, like all earbuds it will also come with a case that charges them and will support USB-C charging. Henderson has also claimed that his sources have told him that Sony is working on a PS5 with a detachable disc drive and another INZONE headset, both of which are expected to release in September 2023.

If this is true then it could mean that Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on a relaunch or at the very least some sort of event for the PS5.

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