Capcom has announced Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, a remaster of the 2011 Nintendo DS title of the same name, for the PlayStation 4, PC, Switch and Xbox One. The game will feature HD visuals and will be available digitally only. No release window for the game was revealed.

Details via Capcom:

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is resurrected for a 2023 re-release! Snap back into the spirit world with Sissel, an unsuspecting ghost who is mysteriously stranded in the afterlife on Earth. Decipher puzzles, crack clues, and channel supernatural abilities in this labyrinth of an adventure to find the truth behind Sissel’s death. Launching in summer 2023, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will be remastered with a jam-packed collection of brand new features including high-definition visuals, newly arranged and recorded music, exclusive images, and more!


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