Leaked footage, which has since been taken down, has claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment are working on a third-person Sci-Fi RPG for the PlayStation 5. The footage was a few seconds worth and showed a character holding a rifle in an alien-looking territory with a giantic creature climbing up a wall.

Whilst no other specifics were revealed the leaker claims that the game is a new IP and is being built on Unreal Engine 5. The leaker also claims that XDEV, a Sony Interactive Entertainment collaboration studio based in Europe, are producing the game, meaning that it is in development at a third-party studio.

In the bottom leaked footage is the word “RED”, this is the codename for a People Can Fly project. People Can Fly, developers of Outriders and Gears of War, first revealed the project in 2021 when it was in the “concept development phase”. People Can Fly being attached to the project makes sense given that third-person shooters are the studio’s forte.

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