GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that it will be taking Supertrick Games’ Deathverse: Let It Die offline on the 18th of July 2023, the game will be unplayable from then on. Supertrick Games will then begin to redevelop the game so that it can appeal to a wider audience.

Whilst no specific details about the redevelopment were shared Supertrick Games has confirmed that it will make “significant improvements” in the re-release. Supertrick Games also apologised for the state of the game’s launch and the lag issues that persisted throughout the following months.

Details via GungHo Online Entertainment:

Thank you for playing DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE.

We are sad to announce that DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE will be suspending its services as of 07:00 pm (PDT) on July 18, 2023.
All of us in the development team deeply apologize to our loyal players for the sudden notice.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our players for their support, as well as our heartfelt apologies.


– Service Suspension Announcement (This Notice)

January 5, 2023 11:00 pm (PST)

– Death Metal Sales End

February 7, 2023 05:59 pm (PST)

*You may continue to use purchased Death Metal until service is suspended.

– Service Suspended

July 18, 2023 07:00 pm (PDT)

*Season 2’s new content will be released as planned, however new content for Season 3 will only be partially released.

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