Tom Farnsworth, creative lead at Bungie, has announced that the studio is working on multiple unannounced projects with Sony including a new IP that it plans to release by 2025. Farnsworth has also confirmed that the studio is still working on Destiny 2, no further details were revealed.

Whilst Bungie may be working on multiple projects it does not necessarily mean that it is working on them internally as Sony Interactive Entertainment previously confirmed that Bungie will be assisting PlayStation Studios teams with live-service projects. Bungie could be assisting with the planning of live-service titles from other studios.

Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired Bungie in 2022 for $3.6 billion, $1.2 billion of which is part of a talent retainment policy. Bungie has retained the right to publish its titles on whichever platforms it decides so the new IP could be multiplatform.

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