Eiga has revealed that Toei’s One Piece Film: Red has topped the Japanese box office for 2022, earning over ¥18.78 billion ($142 million, the movie is also the 9th highest-grossing movie of all time in Japan. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 comes in at second place, earning over ¥13.8 billion ($105 million) whilst Top Gun Maverick comes in at third place with ¥13.5 billion ($102 million).

Top 10 Domestic Movies:

  1. One Piece Film Red: 18.78 billion yen (about US$141.6 million, as of December 25)
  2. Jujutsu Kaisen 0: 13.8 billion yen (about US$104.1 million)
  3. Suzume no Tojimari: 10.0 billion yen (about US$75.4 million, as of December 25)
  4. Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween: 9.78 billion yen (about US$73.8 million)
  5. Kingdom 2: Haruka Naru Daichi e: 5.16 billion yen (about US$38.9 million)
  6. Shin Ultraman: 4.44 billion yen (about US$33.5 million)
  7. 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi The Movie: 3.01 billion yen (about US$22.7 million)
  8. Yomei 10-nen: 3.0 billion yen (about US$22.6 million)
  9. Chinmoku no Parade: 2.97 billion yen (about US$22.4 million, as of December 11)
  10. Confidence Man JP Eiyūhen: 2.89 billion yen (about US$21.8 million)

Top 10 Foreign Movies:

  1. Top Gun Maverick: 13.5 billion yen (about US$101.9 million)
  2. Jurassic World Dominion: 6.32 billion yen (about US$47.7 million)
  3. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore: 4.6 billion yen (about US$34.7 million)
  4. Minions: The Rise of Gru: 4.44 billion yen (about US$33.5 million)
  5. Spider-Man: No Way Home: 4.25 billion yen (about US$32.1 million)
  6. Sing 2: 3.31 billion yen (about US$25.0 million)
  7. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: 2.16 billion yen (about US$16.3 million)
  8. Venom: Let There Be Carnage: 1.91 billion yen (about US$14.4 million)
  9. The Matrix Resurrections: 1.4 billion yen (about US$10.6 million)
  10. Thor: Love and Thunder: 1.35 billion yen (about US$10.2 million)

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