Atlus has announced that the Persona 5 Royal re-release for the PlayStation 5, PC, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Persona 5 Royal has now sold a total of 3.3 million copies when including sales from the original PlayStation 4 release.

Atlus has also confirmed that the Persona 5 series of games, which includes Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal, Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, and Persona 5 Strikers, has sold over 8.3 million copies worldwide. The Persona franchise has also sold over 16.8 million copies.

Persona 5 Royal is available now on the PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series. The PS5 version of the game does not support cross-saves nor does it have an upgrade path for PS4 owners of the game.

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