Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it will be publishing Ultizero Games’ Lost Soul Aside worldwide. Sony Interactive Entertainment initially picked up the game when it was in development by Bing Yang as part of the China Hero Project.

With the support Bing Yang received from PlayStation through the China Hero Project the game is now in development at his own studio with a team of almost 40. Lost Soul Aside was initially confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and PC with a PlayStation 5 port being announced later.

It’s unclear as to whether Sony Interactive Entertainment’s publishing of the game will affect the PC release. The new trailer for the game does state that the footage is captured on PC so it’s unlikely that the PC version will be cancelled or delayed.

Here’s what Bing Yang had to say:

With the strong support of Sony Interactive Entertainment ‘China Hero Project,’ as well as development funding and the opportunity to bring Lost Soul Aside to a global audience, the development progress of Lost Soul Aside is steadily progressing and we are looking forward to providing more updates and details soon


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