Microsoft has announced that it will be raising the price of all Xbox branded hardware in India, the price change will begin later in November 2022. This is the third time that Microsoft has raised the prices of Xbox Series hardware in India. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as Microsoft did confirm that price increases for Xbox offerings would be coming.

This won’t do much to improve the Xbox situation in India where the Xbox Series was outsold by the PS5 10 to 1. Rishi Alwani, formerly of IGN India and Gadgets 360, also reported that more gamers are moving to PlayStation due to Sony’s active efforts in India whereas Xbox has been mostly passive.

IGN India reported in 2021 that the PS5 and PS4 were on the decline due to Xbox Game Pass and that Xbox was on the rise in India. Looking through Amazon and Flipkart will show the opposite, Xbox Series consoles are readily available whilst the PS5 is out of stock. Several Indian retailers have also claimed that interest in the Xbox Series S is low.

Console gaming in India however is still a minuscule market, mostly because of the cost. The average salary in India is 31,900 INR ($428), which is less than both the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, making console gaming a luxury.

Here is the new pricing for the Xbox hardware:

  • Xbox Series X: 49,990 to 55,990
  • Xbox Elite Controller Series 2: 15,990 to 17,990
  • Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller + USB-C Cable: 5,390 to 5,990
  • Xbox Wireless Controller – Robot White: 5,390 to 5,990
  • Xbox Wireless Controller – Mineral Camo Special Edition: 6,390 to 6,990
  • Xbox Wireless Controller – Shock Blue: 5,890 to 6,590
  • Xbox Wireless Controller – Electric Volt: 5,890 to 6,590

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