Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, has revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment invested in Kadokawa Corporation’s FromSoftware to strengthen the collaborative projects between the two companies. Hulst has claimed that this will come “first and foremost” through games but in the long run through PlayStation Productions, hinting that we may get movie or tv adaptations of FromSoftware IP.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Tencent have acquired a 30.34% stake in Kadokawa’s FromSoftware. Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired 14.09% for around $122 million and Tencent through Sixjoy Hong Kong acquired 16.25% for around $141 million. This puts FromSoftwares evaluation around $860 million. Kadokawa claims that the investment will be used to self-publish FromSoftware titles and increase the studio’s capability to create new IP.

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