CD Projekt Red has announced that it will be opening a new Studio in Boston City, Massachusetts as part of its long-term growth plans. CD Projekt Red has also outlined its projects including a new Witcher trilogy, a multiplayer Witcher title, a new singleplayer Witcher title, a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel and a new IP.

The next major release from CD Projekt Red will be the new Witcher games, which are being developed internally on Unreal Engine 5 and is part of a new saga. The saga is planned as a trilogy and is codenamed Polaris, CD Projekt Red plans to release all games within a six-year period. The first game is in the pre-production phase.

The next Witcher game is being developed by The Molasses Flood with assistance from CD Projekt Red and is codenamed Sirius. This game is being designed for a larger audience and will feature multiplayer. The final Witcher game is codenamed Canis Majoris and is being developed by an external team made of ex-Witcher developers with the support of CD Projekt Red. This game will be a fully-fledged and traditional Witcher experience.

The Cyberpunk 2077 sequel will be developed by the new studio in Boston City and is codenamed Orion. The game will “fully unleash the potential that this universe offers”. No other details were revealed. Finally, the new IP which is being developed internally at CD Projekt Red. The new IP is codenamed Hadar and is still in the planning stages, work on the IP began in 2021.

Here’s what Marcin Iwinski, co-founder of CD Projekt Red, had to say:

Hi everyone,

Today I have some news that’s both important to me and to the company.

I am beginning a brand new personal chapter at CD Projekt, as I will submit my candidacy for the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board, leaving behind my Joint CEO role.

By the end of 2022, I’ll hand over my duties to my colleagues from the board. For me, this is a huge moment. I’ve been at CD Projekt for almost 30 years and I have seen it go from a handful of passion-driven rebels to an internationally recognized developer of story-driven role playing games loved by millions globally. Back when Michal Kicinski and I founded the company, I don’t think either of us would have been able to imagine this incredible journey, not even in our wildest dreams.

When I think about the future of CD Projekt, it is so exciting for me. Today, the company consists of over 1,200 people across offices all over the world. But CD Projekt has never been about physical place or scale—it’s all about the huge amount of talent we have, and the hard work and dedication of everyone who chooses to work here.

It is thanks to that commitment and amazing talent that right now I have that same feeling I had all those years ago—hunger and optimism for what’s ahead. It really feels like this is only the beginning. Our hugely ambitious strategy has such an inspiring and strong team at the helm, and I deeply believe in our plan to take CD Projekt to new heights. As such, I intend to remain a major shareholder, and in my new non-executive role I will remain active and engaged dedicating my focus on supporting the entire Management Board. I will also remain connected to the core of what makes us special, which is making the best storytelling games in the world and doing right by gamers.

I want to thank everyone who has ever been a part of what I think is one of the most vibrant video game companies in the world. I say this to every RED team member, every business partner, and-most importantly-every gamer… From the bottom of my heart thank you!

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