Gemdrops has announced it will be releasing Kizuna AI: Touch The Beat! for the PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR2 early in 2023. The PlayStation versions of the game will also be getting a non-VR mode that will make it playable without a VR headset on both PS4 and PS5. Kizuna AI: Touch The Beat! will be playable at TGS, the PS5 version will feature improved visuals. The game will be available physically on PS4 in Japan and digitally on PS4 and PS5 worldwide.

Details via Gemdrops:

What is Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat!?

A rhythm game in which you can play with Kizuna AI. Originally available for Meta Quest, new content has been added as well as “Non-VR Mode” which makes it possible to play without a virtual reality device. Using controller inputs gives the game new life and brings a new feeling to rhythm games. But of course, virtual reality devices are supported. The game also offers more than just the traditional way of playing rhythm games in a virtual reality space with the included “View Mode.” This allows you to move around the environment freely in each stage. So, if you play this title you can actually “meet Kizuna AI within the virtual space.”

Compatible with PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR2

This title is compatible with virtual reality devices (it can be played without a virtual reality device too). The PlayStation 5 version will support PlayStation VR2, which has a planned release of early 2023. This will allow for a more realistic experience.
In the PlayStation 4 version, you will use the PlayStation Move motion controller together with the PlayStation VR device to play within the virtual reality space.

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