Sony Interactive Entertainment and Tencent have acquired a 30.34% stake in Kadokawa’s FromSoftware. Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired 14.09% for around $122 million and Tencent through Sixjoy Hong Kong acquired 16.25% for around $141 million. This puts FromSoftwares evaluation around $860 million.

Kadokawa plans to use the investment to increase FromSoftware’s ability to create and develop game IP and its ability to self-publish titles. FromSoftware’s latest games were all published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Bandai Namco Entertainment or Activision Blizzard.

Kadokawa Corporation will remain the largest shareholder of FromSoftware with 69.66%. Kadokawa Corporation previously entered into a capital alliance with both Sony Group and Tencent to help expand its reach in the anime and gaming markets. Sony Group owns a 1.93% stake in the company whilst Tencent owns 6.86%.

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