Futabasha has announced that Kazuha Kishimoto’s Isekai Shoukan wa Nidome desu (Summoned to Another World for a Second Time) light novel series is getting an anime adaptation. More details will be revealed at a later date.

Production Crew:

  • Studio: Studio Elle (Gibiate)
  • Director: Motoki Nakanishi (Arifureta)
  • Character Design: Mikako Kunii (Date A Live IV)


  • Shunichi Toki (Kazutora Hanemiya – Tokyo Revengers) as Setsu

MAL Synopsis:

There was once a man who was summoned to another world, and saved it. Of course, he became too popular there, and turned into an isekai-normie. However, that man fell into a “trap,” and was forcibly returned to his original world. Moreover, he had to start over as a baby!

This is the story of the way-too-fantastic ex-hero who lived as a gloomy high schooler as he gets summoned once again to that other world in a very unexpected development!

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