Sony Interactive Entertainment has updated the PlayStation PC page on the official PlayStation website, showcasing available and upcoming games as well as adding a FAQ page. The FAQ section has several sections that hint toward a PlayStation launcher for PC.

The page states that you “currently” don’t need a PSN account to play PlayStation Studios titles on PC, it also states that it is “currently” not possible to purchase a game on console and get access to it on PC. It’s the same for save files, the page states that it is “currently” not possible to share progress between console and PC.

Whilst this doesn’t necessarily confirm that a PlayStation launcher is coming to PC it does add to the smoke that one is indeed in the works. Several job listings from Sony Interactive Entertainment have mentioned bringing the PlayStation Network beyond consoles. Sony is also hiring a UX Design Manager for PlayStation’s “off-console experience”.

Should Sony Interactive Entertainment release a PC launcher it won’t change its plans with regard to Steam and EGS releases as Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of Sony Group, specifically mentioned both storefronts in its multiplatform plans. The new FAQ section also states that PlayStation Studios titles are available on a “range of digital retailers” possibly hinting that they could come to other launchers.

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