A new listing for Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness has appeared on the Japanese PlayStation Store, the listing is for the PlayStation Portable version of the game meaning that the title could be joining the PlayStation Classics lineup. The store page has a release date of the 30th of June 2022 but that’s certainly an error. The game could be part of the August PlayStation Plus Premium / Deluxe lineup. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Nippon Ichi Software have yet to comment on the listing.

Game details via NIS America:

Disgaea is now on the go! Enjoy your favorite miscreants on your ride to school, work, home, or wherever. Challenge your friends through the exclusive multiplayer mode, and prove beyond a doubt just who deserves to rule the Netherworld.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness tells the story of Prince Laharl and his outlandish group of misfits as he battles for the ultimate rule over the Netherworld.

Key Features

– Remastered – Completely remastered to take full advantage of PlayStation Portable.
– Multiplayer Mode – Gratify your ego and humiliate your friends in the multiplayer mode.
– New Story Mode – Discover what would happen if Etna killed Laharl. All-new story focus means a new experience and an all-new ending.
– Fog of War Option – Less visibility, more strategy.
– Geo Cube – Outwit your friends with the Geo Cube. Geo Cubes can turn a battle in a moment. Use them well or have them used against you.

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