Yoshimi Yasuda, producer of the original Lollipop Chainsaw and president of Dragami Games, has released a statement to provide a clearer intention of what the studio aims to achieve with the remake. Yasuda-san revealed team decided to return to the Lollipop Chainsaw IP so that fans could access the game easily, the best way to do this would be to remaster the original but this was impossible due to licensing issues.

Hence, they decided to proceed with a remake that would be “as close as possible to a remaster”. Yasuda-san has also assured fans that the development team will not change the story in any way and that the aesthetics of the game will remain the same as well. The comment about giving the game a more realistic style was more about improving the textures to make use of the “advanced rendering” available with modern consoles. Juliet’s design won’t be changed.

Finally, Yasuda-san addressed concerns over censorship, which he claims he cannot share any information about at this stage. Yasuda-san says that he has yet to speak to any platform holder as of yet but that he will be negotiating with them to ensure that the remake remains as close as possible to the original.

The Lollipop Chainsaw remake is due out in 2023, no platforms have been confirmed.

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