The 18th volume of Lynn Okamoto’s Parallel Paradise manga series has revealed that the series is nearing its end. No other details were revealed. Okamoto-san began the manga series in March 2017, it has since sold over 3.5 million copies. Okamoto-san is best known for creating the Elfen Lied franchise.

MAL Synopsis:

A normal day at school takes a strange turn for Tada Youta when a bizarre apparition shoves him out a third floor window. He awakens in a fantasy realm unlike any other. Not only do dragons and knights exist, but every single inhabitant of this world is a voluptuous babe! No men have been seen in the kingdom for thousands of years, so Youta is about to get very, very lucky. Whether Youta has actually died or been transported to this place for mysterious, unknown reasons… either way, it’s his version of Paradise!

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