Square Enix has revealed new details for Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, a remaster of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, due out this Winter for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Here is a rundown of the new information provided:

  • The game is built on Unreal Engine 4.
  • The PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the game runs at 60 fps whilst the PC version supports up to 120 fps.
  • The game is fully voiced and features a new soundtrack.
  • The development team want to make sure it stays faithful to the original.
  • The dialogue about Sephiroth’s hair care routine will be in the remaster.
  • The remaster adds new dialogue but the main story elements are the same.
  • Character models, backgrounds the game’s UI have been remade.
  • The game will feature new camera controls and various other camera improvements.
  • Several quality of life features have been added to the remaster including a skip function.
  • Takeharu Ishimoto, composer of the original game, has worked on new arrangements of the original soundtrack for the remaster.
  • The game has a Digital Mind Wave (DMW) mechanic that adds random effects to the game, these effects are applied automatically. One of the effects gives Zack a limit break.

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