Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has detailed more plans about PlayStation’s future in the live-service business and as well as how big a role Bungie will play in its endeavours. According to Ryan, Bungie will assist PlayStation in building the Sony Interactive Entertainment Live Service Centre of Excellence, which will review all live-service titles from PlayStation Studios.

The SIE Live Service Centre of Excellence will review the entire development process, including monetization and launch plans / readiness, for first-party live-service games. Ryan has also revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment will begin the learning process from Bungie within the first three months after the acquisition is finalized. Bungie will spend the next six to twelve months assisting with the development of first-party live-service titles and reviewing each title on an individual basis.

Finally, Jim Ryan revealed how Sony Interactive Entertainment will be assisting Bungie upon completion of the acquisition. Sony Interactive Entertainment will lend its publishing network to Bungie as well as provide access to PlayStation Studios Central Services, which all first-party studios use to assist with development. Bungie will retain its independence after the completion and will decide independently where it wants to publish.

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