Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has revealed that he expects 55% of investment in PlayStation Studios to be allocated toward live-service titles by the 2025 financial year. Ryan also revealed that in the 2019 financial year, which was one of the best for PlayStation, Sony Interactive Entertainment had invested 88% toward traditional single-player games and just 12% toward live-service titles. He projects it to change to 51% toward traditional and 49% toward live-service in the 2022 financial year.

This supports both Ryan’s and Kenichiro Yoshida’s, CEO of Sony Group, comments about live-service titles. Sony has also been heavily investing in live-service projects such as the acquisition of Haven Studios, investing in AccelByte partnering with Deviation Games. Sony Interactive Entertainment also entered into an agreement to acquire Bungie for $3.6 billion, $1.2 billion of which was set aside as an incentive to retain talent as Sony believes that Bungie can provide insight into its future live-service endeavours.

Jim Ryan has also confirmed that Sony Interactive Entertainment will release three live-service titles in the 2022 financial year, one of which is a new MLB The Show title, Destiny is not one of the titles due for release. Ryan also revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment will release 6 live-service titles in the 2023 financial year, 10 in the 2024 financial year and 12 in the 2025 financial. This puts Sony well ahead of its plans to release 10 live-service games by 2026.

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