Yoshihiro Togashi has revealed that he has completed content for 4 more chapters of his Hunter x Hunter manga series. The news was revealed via Togashi-san’s official Twitter account which he created to provide updates on his progress. It’s currently unclear as to when the manga will return.

Several other Japanese anime and manga insiders have also claimed that Togashi-san will be working on a full volume’s worth of content for Hunter x Hunter but this has yet to be confirmed. It would however follow the publishing pattern for the series as Togashi-san tends to publish around 10 chapters at a time before going on hiatus due to his health issues.

The last Hunter x Hunter chapter was published in November 2018, the series has also missed more than 50% of Weekly Shonen Jump issues. Despite the inconsistency in publishing, Hunter x Hunter has sold over 79 million copies worldwide and has received several anime and video game adaptations.

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