Sony Group Corporation has confirmed that it will be investing a further $300 million in its existing first-party studios to grow the existing gaming business. It also confirmed that the investment will be used towards multiplatform releases. Whilst no specifics were revealed, we already know that Sony Interactive Entertainment will be releasing more first-party titles on PC. Sony Interactive Entertainment also acquired Nixxes Software to assist with future PC ports. Sony has also clarified that this will not affect acquisition plans and it is actively looking into further investment opportunities.

Hiroki Totoki, CFO of Sony Group Corporation, also confirmed that Sony Interactive Entertainment will not launch AAA first-party titles on PlayStation Plus. This, according to Totoki-san, is due to the adverse effect it could have on the quality of first-party titles. Totoki-san believes that Sony would have to decrease how much is invested into AAA titles if they were to launch on PlayStation Plus. The new PlayStation Plus is scheduled to launch on the 23rd of May 2022 in Asia.

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