A report from Game Developer has claimed that PlayStation games that have a wholesale price of $34 or more will be required to participate in the full game trials offered in the Deluxe and Premium tiers of PlayStation Plus. Publishers will have up to 3 months from the launch of a game to release the trial, which has to be at least 2 hours long, and it will have to remain available for 12 months. PlayStation VR games will not require trials.

It has also been reported that Sony Interactive Entertainment will assist in the creation of the trials although the scope of what this means has yet to be revealed. The report also mentions that Sony Interactive Entertainment are also open to publishers releasing custom demos instead of trials but this would be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Trials will not be replacing standard demos, beta tests or open weekends.

Earlier this week it was confirmed that the new three-tiered subscription model for PlayStation Plus will launch on the 23rd of May 2022 in Asia, the 1st of June 2022 in Japan, the 13th of June 2022 in the Americas and on the 22nd of June 2022 in Europe.

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