JanduSoft has announced that it will be releasing Mitsuki Game Studio’s Waifu Impact on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Switch. The game will be available via the PlayStation Store and Eshop on the 28th of April 2022, pricing has not yet been confirmed. Waifu Impact is a third-person shooter in which you use water guns to fight waifus.

Details via Mitsuki Game Studio:

WAIFU IMPACT is a third person shooter, immersive single-player game in a paradisiac deserted island.

Equip yourself with a watergun and unlock all the waifus!

It’s so hot, so why don’t you come to Waifu Island?
The cutest girls are waiting for you, let’s have some fun!
Watergun in hand, find all the stars and unlock the 6 beautiful girls! Increase your affinity with the girls defeating your enemies with them and then check out the gallery to see what they have for you!

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