Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has revealed he does not believe that subscription services will ever dominate the games industry the way Netflix and Spotify do in their own respective fields. Instead, Ryan believes that live-service titles will have a much bigger impact. Ryan claims that movies, music and TV are linear entertainment and that the interactive nature of gaming means that live-service titles can be tailored to suit each gamer’s needs.

Ryan has also confirmed that Sony Interactive Entertainment will continue to invest in live-service titles, earlier this year Sony announced the acquisition of Bungie for $3.4 billion. Ryan has also stated that PlayStation’s live-service endeavours would not be console specific, pointing towards a multiplatform approach. PlayStation has already confirmed that Bungie’s Destiny IP would remain multiplatform and that Bungie would have full control over publishing for all future titles.

Even though PlayStation are betting big on live-service titles Ryan has also confirmed that it will continue to invest in PlayStation Plus so that PlayStation can provide the option of both subscriptions and live-service titles. This according to Ryan, will help facilitate engagement and ensure that no gamer feels obliged to do one thing.

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