Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed that the company are working on more expansions. Sony Interactive Entertainment recently added Haven Studios, the newly formed studio by Jade Raymond, and Bungie, the developers of Destiny. Ryan has claimed that SIE is in talks to expand even further. Ryan also reaffirmed that PlayStation Studios titles will not launch on PlayStation Plus as it would prevent Sony Interactive Entertainment from investing in projects and acquisitions the way they have been doing.

Here’s what Jim Ryan had to say:

We’re in a really good place with PlayStation Studios and have been for the past few years. The critical success and the commercial success of the games that they’ve been making… that has given us permission to invest heavily in content creation. We’re growing our studios organically and we’re growing through acquisition. We acquired five studios during the course of 2021, we’re in discussions with Bungie and we have more planned. This is getting us into a virtuous cycle where success begets success.

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